Fertile Ground Farm

Our Partners

We sell to and source local products from a variety of small community businesses including restaurants, retailers and other farms.

Darrell Roes


Each season Darrell raises a different assortment of pastured chicken, ducks, pigs and grass-fed wagyu beef at his farm just down the road from us. He sells organic (non-certified) meat to CSA members as available. Darrell gets damaged veggies and scraps to use as animal feed, helps with some of our infrastructure maintenance, and provides some the eggs for our egg shares as well.



Vernon Burkhart


Vernon took over Bowman's Organic Produce in Wallenstein a couple of years ago and specializes in fall storage crops. Fall crops have always been a challenge for us to manage at our farm as their mid-summer planting schedule comes while we're often overwhelmed with big CSA harvests, drought and weeds. We've been so happy to contract him to grow some of the fall crops for our CSA, including leeks, cabbage, celeriac, onions and sweet potatoes. His vegetables are of fabulous quality and he is pleased to be supporting another local farm rather than trucking his crops to Toronto.





Laepple Organic Farm


All of our CSA potatoes are grown at Linda and Fritz Laepple's certified organic farm just outside of Ayr. The Laepples grow excellent potatoes - much better than our sandy soil will ever produce - and have the equipment to do it without breaking backs like we would. They also provide us with straw to mulch our garlic.



Brookfront Farm


Andrea of Brookfront Farm sources stone fruits from Palatine Farms in Niagara. Although not organic, the trees are not sprayed after fruit set and pests are managed through IPM (Integrated Pest Management) practices. CSA members are able to order fruit through Brookfront Farms for delivery to CSA pick-ups through the summer months.





Growing Hope Farm


Growing Hope Farm is a not-for-profit social enterprise in Cambridge. They give volunteer opportunities to people who have serious barriers to employment, with profits donated to Mennonite Central Committee. Growing Hope will be providing organic goat meat to CSA members in 2020!



Retail Partners

Find our vegetables for sale at these fabulous local establishments:

Organic Store, St Agatha

Grocery Store, Kitchener

Buying Club, Waterloo

Restaurant Partners

Eat our vegetables, delicious prepared, here:

The Yeti Cafe, Kitchener

Seven Shores Cafe, Waterloo