Fertile Ground Farm

Our Team

We are a mix of full time and seasonal workers, passionate about growing beautiful vegetables for a community we love.

Angie Koch, 
Owner/Farm Manager


For Angie, Fertile Ground has been an exciting venture into the world of farm entrepreneurship. With an educational and professional background in community development, Angie found herself shifting towards the life of vegetable-growing over a decade ago. Favourite farm tasks include basket weeding, trellising tomatoes, and playing with the chickens. Angie loves getting her hands dirty & is kinda proud when the grit just won’t come out from under her fingernails. When not in the fields or behind her computer, she can likely be found strumming her banjo, sipping a craft brew, puttering in her kitchen, or shamelessly reading a novel in a sunbeam.



Lara Jerome
Team Lead


Lara is inspired by the power of food and our relationship to food for creating healthy communities. During her undergraduate degree in International Development at the University of Waterloo, she became passionate about community-based food initiatives that increase our access to socially-just, ecological, and locally-produced foods. Since 2013, she’s worked in a diversity of realms where people and food connect: on farms, in backyard gardens, and with local food producers and retailers in Waterloo Region and Perth County. Lara organized a 1st-ever (for her AND for our farm) Winter CSA 2019-2020. When she isn’t in the field, you can find her sipping coffee at Show & Tell café, hiking and reading by the Grand River, or advocating for local food with the Food System Roundtable of Waterloo Region.

Seasonal Staff…
Hiring for 2020!


Do you find food production satisfying? Enjoy working long hours outdoors? Want to feel a connection with the community that eats the food you grow?


Now hiring field workers with vegetable farming experience and a passion for great food & local community.



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