Our Vision

Fertile Ground offers people a taste of the joys of farming. We are committed to providing our customers with the freshest, highest-quality produce we can grow.

We believe in:
  • growing organically as the best way to nourish ourselves, our customers, and the earth, for years to come
  • distributing all of our produce through local food systems
  • striving to give back as much as we take.
We are excited about getting our hands dirty and working the ground in ways
that root us in hope and cultivate our wonder. We are committed to inspiring
people to get excited about their food.

Farming Ecologically

Although not certified organic, we adhere to the Canadian Organic Standard as a minimum in our farming practices. Ecological farmers are stewards of the land whose practices promote a healthy farm ecosystem. 

At Fertile Ground, we:
never use synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers
use soil-building practices
only plant non-GMO seeds
reduce food miles by selling produce locally
raise our animals on pasture and GMO-free feed
create habitat for pollinators & other critters
work in cooperation with other farmers & our community to create a more sustainable way of life

Pollinators +

We love creating habitat for pollinators & other native critters. So far we have five 200' pollinator strips integrated into our fields and surrounding headlands. Natural meadows are protected and hayfields are only mown once Bobolink nesting is over.

The diversity of bees, wasps, hoverflies, moths, butterflies, beetles and other allies is both beautiful and functional, providing pollination and predation services that improve yields and decrease pest pressure. Best of all, we love watching them bloom!

Farmer-Led Research

We love to cultivate our curiosity by running on-farm trials supported by the Ecological Farmer's Assoc of Ontario's Farmer-Led Research Program and the Canadian Organic Vegetable Improvement Project (CANOVI). Farmer-led research uses the scientific method to test new ideas, trial varieties and improve operations. So far we've run an experiment testing the efficacy of organic foliar sprays on cucumbers, and taken part in lettuces and sweet pepper variety trials. In 2023 we're running a bean trial to evaluate ease of picking (because our crew does NOT love this job!)


Living Wage Employer

Diversified farming is skilled labour, but many farm labourers are paid minimum wage or less. While food production continues to be an underpaid industry, we want to close the gap a little between what our employees earn and what is deserved for their skill and commitment to grueling work and long hours. In a broader context, we hope to help change expectations in our food system that currently normalize the undervaluing of food production and farm labour.

Community Shares Program

Our incredible CSA community donates to create our Community Shares Fund each year, paying us to grow produce...and give it away! We share our produce primarily through pay-what-you-can CSA shares and the Cambridge Food Bank's Mobile Markets.

Views from our Pollinator Strips



Fertile Ground Farm is located on the Treaty Lands and Territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit.