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Team Lead Job Description

*Position Filled for 2023*

Baseline Qualifications

  • Legally able to work in Canada
  • Minimum 2 yrs vegetable farming experience
  • Demonstrated team leadership experience
  • Efficient field skills & ability to work hard physically incl lifting 50lb regularly 

Key Responsibilities

  • daily task list management and problem-solving in collaboration with head farmer
  • participating in all aspects of farm field work
  • providing direction, motivation and oversight for our team
  • facilitating a positive and efficient work environment
  • ensuring task protocols and systems are maintained & improved
  • hosting weekly on-farm CSA pick-up (Fridays) 

Additional Assets

  • tractor experience
  • Social Media savvy 

Hours & Remuneration

  • We are a certified Living Wage Employer
  • Hourly wage from $24, based on experience
  • 40-50 hrs week (6am-4pm mid-June to late Aug), Mon-Fri
  • FT Contract late March to early Dec (8.5 mths) with options for PT winter work
  • 1 week holidays paid at 75% wages
  • 3 professional development days/yr
  • Plenty of free vegetables & eggs from our farm 


Working closely with the lead farmer, the Team Lead will develop responsibility for managing and inspiring the work crew in the field, including problem-solving, doing quality control, and generally ensuring that farm systems are maintained. The ability to delegate and effectively keep track of people, time, tasks and systems is key. This position requires quick hands, positive attitude and strong observation skills. Expect the work to be physically and mentally demanding, with long hours outdoors in all weather. Strong back and knees are essential as the work involves plenty of lifting, bending, crouching and kneeling. Most tasks require quality work at a quick pace, often under pressure:


Field Work

  • work alongside crew modelling quality & efficiency of field work which includes planting, weeding, pest control, irrigation, harvesting, washing & packing
  • tunnel & greenhouse production (primarily greens & tomatoes


Farm Systems Management

  • ensuring that harvest, post-harvest handling, poultry care, infrastructure and maintenance systems are maintained & improved
  • interpreting harvest and planting plans and keeping accurate records of actual activities
  • engaging in constant observation and oversight of



  • Hosting our Friday on-farm CSA pick-up every week June-Oct
  • Providing a positive and enriching experience for members
  • Calculating share portions and determining layout
  • Supporting staff and volunteers in their responsibilities and ensuring the farm is prepared for the weekend


Leadership & Team Management

  • daily task list management and problem-solving in collaboration with head farmer
  • providing training, direction, motivation and oversight for our work crew - delegating tasks and supervising completion
  • Communicating between staff and farm manager as needed to address for clarity of work tasks 

Season Extension Opportunities

  • possibilities exist for winter growing, distribution and/or admin work PT Dec-March
  • we are open to incubating independent business proposals for off season income 

To Apply

Please send resume and cover letter outlining your relevant work and farming experiences, as well as your motivations for working with us to


Applicants from members of BIPOC & LGBTQ+ communities are welcome.


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Fertile Ground Farm is located on the Treaty Lands and Territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit.